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Hi Justin,
while I can now confirm, that the MP3 bug was fixed in v6.17rc2 (thanks), there is still inconsistency between uncompressed vs compressed formats (which I discovered during editing of the thread - so it's not reflected specifically in the title).

While compressed formats output only on appropriate channels, uncompressed ones still output signal of their last valid channel to other conseqent channels of the track (the channels above their valid count) as demonstrated bellow:

WAV .... 1=L, 2=R, 3&more=R
AIF. ... 1=L, 2=R, 3&more=R
WV ..... 1=L, 2=R, 3&more=R

MP3 .... 1=L, 2=R, 3&more=nul
OGG .... 1=L, 2=R, 3&more=nul
OPUS ... 1=L, 2=R, 3&more=nul
FLAC ... 1=L, 2=R, 3&more=nul

(Note: Retested right now in v6.17rc1 vs 6.17rc2, 32bit, Windows)
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