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Looks like the “move envelope points” behavior changed for razor edits changed at some point. Right now, if an envelope is shown in the media lane it will always move with razor edits whether or not the move envelope points option is toggled. In older dev versions the envelope would only move if the option was on. I’m just noticing this now, but going through old versions it looks like the change happened way back in August at v6.13+dev029. Was this change intentional? I hope not, as I’d really like a way to move razor edits without moving envelopes.

Also the razor edit behavior when both trim behind and auto-crossfade are turned on still feels a little off to me. I would expect these options to only apply to the very edges of the razor selection, and not to overlaps that happen within the selection as it is now. i.e this feels correct to me:

but this does not:

I would expect this to happen instead:

Curious if other people have thoughts about this.
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