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Default Windows: 32-bit ReaRoute : Broken again

v6.24rc9 - February 27 2021
# Windows: fix 32-bit ReaRoute - and confirmed that it is fixed

v6.24 - March 2 2021
# Windows: 32-bit ReaRoute : Broken again

The fix from v6.24rc9 didn't make it into v6.24 ?

Edit - Workaround:
It is sufficient to extract rearoute.dll from reaper624rc9-install.exe and replace the v6.24 32bit installed Version.
Now even Reaper v6.24 64bit can receive 32bit-ASIO from ReaRoute as usual - as it was working before.
(For me it was always necessary to install both - 32bit and 64bit Reaper - to have ReaRoute working for both 32bit-ASIO and 64bit-ASIO ReaRoute Input)

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