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Default BUG with grouping

Current behavior seems a bug with splitting grouped items.

If i cut a piece from grouped item, all new items stay grouped horizontally. But if i cut, i want to change cutted area exclusively.
To choose new take, to move content or anything else.

Old cutting style (select both item and time and split by time selection) works fine.
RE should work the same.

If i split items placed on several tracks and RE area shape is simple rectangle, vertical grouping should save, but horizontal should don't.
If RE area shape is complicated or left edge of area is complicated (here maybe an option) both vertical and horizontal grouping should remove on split.

Look at the gif. First is RE, the second is old style.

By the way, there aren't many actions with razor area in action list. So I can't create custom action.

To use both variants is ugly solution, because it's complicated and redundantly. RE easily can replace old style area selection.
And devs assigned the same combination (alt + right drag) not without purpose.

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