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Originally Posted by Meo-Ada Mespotine View Post
I think the best way to pull this off would be writing an JSFX, which calculates it and puts the values into a GMEM/Shared Memory.
Then put it into the master-channel as additional fx.
Then set the FX to "Calculate the values"-mode and run dry-rendering.

After dry-rendering, you can read these GMEMs in Lua and therefore calculated values out and export them in any way you want.

It also has the benefit, that adding additional loudness values would be easier and faster and you could even extend it to loudness calculation on individual track-basis, if needed. You just would need to add multiple versions of the calculator-JSFX on each track and adjust the gmem-writing/reading-logic accordingly.
Please here the required CSV.I blurred data from the project because it's real and it's under NDA.
The example is for a stereo channel, but it's the same for 5.1 and 7.1. It changes just the number of files imported (upper left corner)
I left the extensions and standard nomenclature unblurred.

For the LeQM:

This IS what I would like to be able to obtain.
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