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Loudness metering (related to +dev and also latest official rel. 6.34),

As reported earlier, the MasterVU short-term current 'live mode' is no longer working, or maybe thereís a reason for showing only the max value? See gifs below: 6.33 vs. 6.34 /and latest +dev versions.

+dev0810, TrackVU loudness
I suppose tracks will only display max/peak values to keep a light footprint (which is fine imo).

I notice the tool-tips always show info from the MasterVU settings, and do not necessarily correspond to the chosen track metering type, except when set to Peak VU. Should be corrected for clarity.

Other than this, itís nice that Reaper is now able to display different meter-bars and special readout color to emphasize the loudness mode also on regular tracks. I hope all this is going to be included within the next official rel.

MasterVU, short-term readout:


v6.34 (max only):
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