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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
I'd think so:

It does send feedback:
1949.027 | ReaLearn 8CqGcCzQ | Feedback output | F0 00 00 66 14 12 07 74 7A 66 74 7A 00 00 F7
Not sure it helps, but I noticed when reordering tracks it also only displays the (currently) first track name:

Could it be because I'm using a virtual MIDI port (loopMIDI) to 'drive' the display?
Though I used the same setup with Klinke's MCU plugin for a long time and never had an issue with track name display there.
I managed to get the BCManager Mackie Monitor running with loopMIDI and could reproduce your issue. Infact, the issue can be reduced to just one mapping with an active target "Track: Volume" and a source "MIDI display" with protocol "Mackie LCD" and Display > 1. When I select textual feedback and enter some text, it doesn't appear! However, if I switch Display to 1, the text correctly appears.

I have the slight suspicion that the implementation of this Mackie Monitor tool is a bit wrong / not complete. In particular, text appears correctly when setting Display to "<All>" and entering a long text. This suggests the following issue with their implementation: If you look at the upper lines of the 8 displays as one very long line, the BCMan Mackie Monitor seems to only accept changes starting at the beginning of that long line, not partial changes that start somewhere within the line. ReaLearn is pretty tailored to not send more data than necessary to get decent performance, so it would not send the complete line unless necessary (Display <All>). Klinke maybe does.

Is anyone out there who has an MCU-compatible control surface with MORE THAN ONE channel display? I would like to get a confirmation that it works on a real device.
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