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Default GUI Knob Version

It's nothing too fancy, but I made a GUI knob version of this effect:

I've tried to keep up with the versions, so this does include SaulT's latest oversampling and corrected PDC code.

You can get it here:

Includes mouse wheel support and value entry via the displayed slider.
For the knobs, Ctrl-drag for fine adjustment, Alt-drag for large adjustments, Right-click to reset to default.

You can customize the color of the GUI by clicking anywhere in the header (black) band which will display a color settings window. Click the header again to hide this window. If you want to set the default color, you can do that in the effect code window (press the "Edit..." button, there are instructions in the code). Remember to press CTRL-S to save your changes.

To use it, put the file somewhere in your Reaper / Effects folder. It's easier to find in the JS FX window if you filter it by "GUI"

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