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regarding from the +dev0211 thread:

Originally Posted by Loulou92 View Post
The cycle action editor (SWS extension) is kind of broken since the update to 6.47. Any action I try to add from the action list to a cycle action is not recognized anymore.


EDIT :Ok so you can actually add actions in cycle actions, but you have to enter manually the command ID. Not that bad but new.
I looked into it a bit and seems the issue is that the LVITEM doesn't contain the action command ID in its LPARAM anylonger since the action list overhaul so this line breaks, correct?

Is there any workaround for it (scraping the currently selected action command ID from opened action list directly) or could you maybe provide an API for it?
I know there's PromptForAction() API, but this would require a bit of a change to the current workflow I think (first making action list open unselected, let user select action, click on 'Select' button...).

For clarity, it's about this functionality of the CAE which broke:

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