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Default have installed the DuXP

I just installed DuX' Audio Optimized XPsp3 (the DuXP :-) on my old Dell Optiplex GX60, and it seems to work great! Among other things, it solved this problem Thanks, DuXman.

Here are some experiences, thoughts and questions. The installation ran quite smoothly, and now the old GX60 can run my Reaper work just fine, though still needing around 80% CPU for not-so-big projects. The old Optiplex has been fitted with 2GB ram and a new 2.6GHz P4 instead of the old 1.7GHz Celeron and 512 MB ram. Unfortunately, the new CPU still runs at 1.7GHz, since there seems to be no way to overclock this comp; the FSB is reported to ( be fixed at 400MHz. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.

One problem was that I have and want a Swedish keyboard. This keyboard layout was not in the DuXP. Hunting around I found a Swedish keyboard layout dll on a popular torrent tracker. There, was also given this trick for those that want to do this for other layouts. Download MSKLC (Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator), install it on another system that supports your specific keyboard layout, then import and export the layout. This will give you something you can install on your DuXP.

I also had to hunt around for video and audio drivers. Once I had installed DuXP the device manager showed video and audio devices simply as "Other Devices" with the yellow mark. And, of course I had not been so smart as to write down the exact info necessary to locate the drivers. Furthermore, I did not want to install extra SW for finding out the info, or any network to let DuXP find for itself. I want to keep this comp as clean as possible of other stuff. So here's what I did. I installed Everest Home Edition ( on another comp. Then I simply copied the installation dir (C:\Program Files\Lavalys\Everest Home Edition) to a USB stick, plugged the USB stick into the Reaper comp and ran Everest Home Ed from there by double clicking everest.exe. This worked fine! And I got the info I needed for the video. It turned out that it was bundled with the chipset drivers, which I should have installed first, of course... anyways, once I installed the chipset drivers, the video driver problem was also fixed.

Of course, I could've gone to and simply looked up the drivers, would have saved me some time... and I did this for the audio driver.

I had to install Asio4all twice, before it took on.

I have as yet not needed to install any of the additional dlls (adddlls.rar) supplied by DuX.

The DuXP install runs smooth as a baby's rump. But looking at the started services (see [IMG]http://img530.**************/img530/4585/[/IMG]
), there seems to me that many more of them could be stopped/removed. Now I don't pretend to understand in detail all of what the various services do, but many of those seem unimportant to me, like Workstation, all that have with network to do (DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP), Task scheduler, RPC, Link Tracking, Transaction Coordinator... well, most of them actually. I cannot help wondering why DuX left them in there. If anyone (DuX?) knows any specific reason please let me know. I'll try to stop them one by one and see what happens.

Thanks a heap DuX for taking the time to provide us with the DuXP. Great job!

EDIT: Oh, I forgot the (maybe) most important thing. On my DuXP system there seems to be a double boot of XP; there are alternative "Windows XP Professional" choices on boot up. Is this as it should be? I know I had a previous "fat" install on the HD but I re-partitioned and formatted, so I guess this comes from DuXP. Right?

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