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* Includes feature branch: improved peak building
may i ask, regarding this/peaks building in general -- and sorry if this is outside the scope of what you're doing with peaks right now:

when peaks are being built in the Media Explorer, clicking around the waveform preview results in this: peakbuilding stops and restarts. why is this?

it seems to me that this peak "refresh" is unnecessary -- the peak is going to be the same, no matter where in the waveform it's previewing from. it's not like the peak starts building from the clicked position. NOTE: moving the pitch knob also results in this issue. strangely, changing the playback rate does not.

i preview a ton of side A/side B flac and mp3 recordings of old vinyl/tape rips, using the waveform to clue me in on what are visibly obvious drum sections, interesting atmosphere, or soloed instrument parts. this means that i must wait for the peak to be finished before browsing the file (sometimes 30 seconds to a minute of waiting -- the demonstration file below is of a shorter mp3, but the issue is still very noticeable):

conversely, when i click and drag the same file into the project, peakbuilding is not interrupted by clicking around the waveform/re-starting playback from different positions -- unless the media explorer is still open

this issue has led me in the past to request setting folders to be "peak-aware," actively monitored whenever REAPER is open, so that peaks are pre-built and ready to go once i begin consuming the folder. while this would still be handy for very large files, i would prefer to get to the bottom of why media explorer peaks restart from the beginning when you restart playback from different sections.
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