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Originally Posted by SiddieNam View Post
The concept of a stretch marker doesn't really make sense on a MIDI track. MIDI notes, for example, work by sending a NOTE ON then NOTE OFF message; what you're really saying here is that you'd want to move the relative positions of NOTE ON or NOTE OFFs (or maybe other MIDI data).

But Stretch Markers tell Reaper how to re-process a Wave Form. It's not really the same thing.

Can I suggest, instead, that you render the MIDI track and put stretch markers on the waveform that results from that?
I'm sorry but I strongly disagree here. The concept of stretch markers is totally applicable for MIDI events.

Today I'm importing MIDI recorded piano, that have been recorded without metronome. I've to re-align it on bars to make this track usable on my global project (with other instruments).
As the tempo is not linear (the pianist started at 120 bpm and finished at 127 bpm), I can't use item rate. The actual solution I've if to cut the item in many little pieces and align them onto the grid. BUT cutting MIDI files is a pain in the ass as it can only be done if NO note is played (you'll have to find silences to be able to cut). In my case; there're NO such silences. The only solution I found was to separate left hand and right hand onto 2 separate tracks; and cur them (not on the same points), and realign/stretch each of those 2x20 items => more than 4 hours of work

I'm pretty sure MIDI items stretch markers would have saved my day sanity.

Here's a Proof Of Concept video I've done especially (hope Reaper devs will see it ! It took me a lot of time to do it)

(green lines represents stretch markers, black lines represents bars where notes should be placed; ie first beats of mesures)

PS: as always, I must say that it's a pain in the ass using this forum ! (really ...). PLEASE migrate to Discourse !

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