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Sadly, the count-in recording issue introduced in 6.49 is still persisting in 6.52
Has anybody else experienced this?

Impossible to hold a note (for example ReaSynth or other synth plugin) during the metronome count-in and having it record at the very start of the measure. What happens is that any sound initiated during the count-in is not registering in 6.49 and later, while in 6.48 and earlier it records like expected. The result is that i can not record anything on time anymore and need to stay at 6.48!

It works in 6.48 and every release before that for years. In 6.49+devxxxx and beyond (including 6.52+dev0323), this simply stopped working.

I have tried everything (including a fresh portable install with default settings/.ini, various plugins, ) and i'm getting desperate about it

Sorry if this is the wrong thread but i feel it is a pressing issue since it was behavior that was changed recently. Justin couldn't recreate it, but maybe someone else have had this issue recently?
I would really really appreciate any information about this.


If i record MIDI it _does_ recognise the notes that i press and hold during the count-in, but no sound! I only get sound after i stop recording and play back the notes. But recording to audio, i get nothing from the notes pressed during count-in.

If it helps creating a movie/GIF of this, i can do that as well.

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