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render individual tracks via master track using render matrix

I noticed when you render any track in Reaper through the master track, Reaper runs and calculates all the plugins in the project even though they are not on the actually rendered track.

This slows down rendering in extreme amounts.


I have nothing at all on the Master buss for the sake of clarity
I have 2 tracks, one has a lot of processing, and one has no plugins on it at all
I select the track with no plugins
If i render using "selected track (stems)", the render speed is 117x realtime
If i render the same track "through the master", the render speed is 1.9x realtime

The end result is exactly the same, i have rendered a track with no plugins through an empty Master channel. However the speed is 50x worse.

The other track that has a lot of processing unnecessarily botlenecked the rendering process.

Is it possible to implement the rendering in a way that Reaper only processes the audio path that is needed for the selected track?
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