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Since you're working on razor edits, I thought I would drop this very serious razor area move bug I'm getting here. At first I thought it must be some conflicting settings here, but I'm not running any scripts or anything, and the items should never go outside the razor area like this, right?

Moving the items & envelopes up & down works normally, but the slightest cursor move sideways makes the items shoot off and compress way to the left.

I can't replicate this bug on other projects, but I can say that this point in this project is 20 minutes in after many, many tempo changes (film score).

Actually, testing some razor moves around the project reveals that razor move gets completely confounded by tempo changes as noted in this BR. Just drag a razor area around tempo changes back and forth and the items will move around wildly.

But in this case, there are no tempo changes where the razor area is nor where it's moving, but nevertheless the move calculation is way off.
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