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Issue 1 : (very important and essential)
Problem: There are lots of windows in Windows that are not resized the same on MacOS.
Hmm is the child dialog also getting resized in that case? It doesn't look like it's using the full width...

Issue 6 : (Works under windows 10 pro)
Strings such as "Item timebase:", strings that have an & in them, this will require a workaround, which is to calculate the ID of the string without the &, and set that in the language pack. You can use:

to calculate, for example:

7FA9D4B370190166=Item time&base:

you'd paste "Item timebase:" and get:

267E13103BEC6742=Item timebase:

(sorry for the need for the workaround, perhaps we can remove this requirement at some point)

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