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Hello, it's me who takes care of the resizing because Leejul is blind.

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Hmm is the child dialog also getting resized in that case? It doesn't look like it's using the full width...
Issue 1
I don't quite understand your answer.
I have resized the windows correctly on mac Os and when I open the translation file in Windows, the resizes sometimes don't work. For example, screenshots.

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Strings such as "Item timebase:", strings that have an & in them, this will require a workaround, which is to calculate the ID of the string without the &, and set that in the language pack. You can use:

to calculate, for example:

7FA9D4B370190166=Item time&base:

you'd paste "Item timebase:" and get:

267E13103BEC6742=Item timebase:

(sorry for the need for the workaround, perhaps we can remove this requirement at some point)
Issue 6
thank you, I managed to work around the problem except for:

update all similar items in project with new filename
new folder
true peak

And for the other issues, did you manage to find anything? Do you think you have time to watch this please?
if not, what should we do? thank you
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