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Originally Posted by junioreq View Post
I am Joe Blow, wow! hours and hours looping that same progression.
You are not alone, Mr. Blow.

This whole idea of steady-state vs peak level and the effects of frequency thereupon has MASSIVE implications throughout the entire processes. If you can swing a simple SPL meter from Radio Shack it's a worthwhile expenditure of $30 or so, not that it has a lot of direct application to the recording process, but it's very useful to start to quantify and analyze the ways in which we perceive sound, and to have a sense of, for instance, how loud your car is, and how loud you like to listen to movies, and so on.

It's getting late here in Boston, and I'm taking phone calls and such, but I'm going to try and get in one more post tonight since it might be awhile before I can continue. Anyone else with something to say is free to jump in.
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