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Originally Posted by Fabian View Post
83dB sound pressure, measured where? At the source? 1 meter from the source? At the ear?
At the listening position. Anything you measure related to it possibly affecting your mix decisions should be measured there since that's where you'll be. I have an area that propagates standing waves in the back of my control room that I left there on purpose. More bass for the producers and clients. Less requests of "more bass".

I trapped it a little but not as much as I could have.

Clients - and your musician buddies - tend not to have those "neutral studio ears" like what he talks about and often like to hear music like if from a home stereo, more bass. Good for them back there, but it would be terrible for me at the mix position.

His advice about mixing at relatively low levels (whenever possible) is pure gold. Especially for home recordists. Not only for the reasons he stated, which are very good reasons, but also because the bad rooms, and the smearing of what you hear in those bad rooms, is much less of a factor in the mix decisions... or more accurately the result of those decisions.

Good stuff. This should be a sticky.

And just to stay on track, this lecture by Yep has nothing to do with polishing turds in my view. It's more to do with turning perfectly decent tracks *into* a mix turd by not following some basic "sound" practices like what he's describing.

Recording a decent track or 12 isn't very hard and can be done with inexpensive gear in bad environments, DI and otherwise. Mixing them into something that sounds very good, and that translates, is a little more difficult and requires more thought, skill and much more concentration.

Good stuff.
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