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I think a new problem with TrackFX_AddByName() was introduced in 6.70 when this problem here got fixed:
Originally Posted by sockmonkey72 View Post
v6.70rc1 - November 14 2022
  • + ReaScript: improve behavior with Track/TakeFX_AddByName() for JSFX [t=271878]
unfortunately this recent fix does not help:

Originally Posted by Triode View Post
v6.72rc3 - December 8 2022
  • + ReaScript: improve JSFX name matching in TrackFX_AddByName() [p=2621360]
the problem is: when you pass the name of an FX (as defined by the desc: tag) to TrackFX_AddByName(), it often fails (just an blank fx appears) - this used to work just fine pre 6.70
when passing a filename of an FX to the function it works as expected.
seems to happen on Mac & Win, but not on Linux(?)

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