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Originally Posted by HighVoltage View Post
I found a nasty audio engine related BUG introduced exactly with 6.78+dev0317 release.

It's a crackling sound happening on each start of the loop when you unbypass a plugin on an audio track that has any amount of PDC.
It pretty much happens every time.

I made a video of it:

1. I start looping a simple kick and bass (all FX is Reaper's own)
2. Everything is normal, you can see in the Scope.
3. I bypass and unbypass a few FX, all have PDC (sometimes i need to do it more than one time)
4. Each start of the loop there is a random glitch that is not even consistent, it can be heard easily, but also shows up on the scope
5. I press stop and play, everything settles back to normal

Project file:


This only seem to be happening if i unbypass a plugin that is NOT the last in the chain.

6.78+dev0316 is still OK, and every non-dev version is still OK up until official 6.81. (It's buggy in latest 7+pre4)
So it's in every developer versions ever since 6.78+0317

Win10 x64
Thanks! I was able to duplicate a mostly-similar glitch also in 6.81 (and earlier) though. will look into fixing!


OK, so the issue I found is that when using per-FX PDC mode (which happens automatically if you unbypass FX that is before some PDC-requiring FX in the chain), and auto-bypass-on-silence is enabled, then when it comes back from auto-bypass-on-silence, the timing is incorrect (not related to looping). This exists on all REAPER versions since 6.71 (when the auto-bypass option was added).

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