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the arrange mode is somehow bugged .. the fixed items shoot accross and maybe some actions aren't what there were before R7 .. don't know . it runs partly
using last sws beta and a pure installation with reapack but only the nabla onboard.
and some tweakings in the toolbar ARR -> AN -> main

my config is appended here

best practice is to start reaper with the parameter
-cfgfile alternatereaperpath\reaper.ini

this alternatereaperpath should contain your lic file

suppress the plugin scanning in the first run
import my config (all)

install the sws (preferable the last beta from here
and the reapack.dll

the config for reapack is in my config
though you hav eto set the update setting yourself in the reapack browse settings

my config ignores external fx stuff
but has the nabla-stuff and two toolbars (sws and reapack for easy convinience as well) on board

have fun

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