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Default 42505 Duplicate lanes

Is the behavior of 42505 "Track lanes: Duplicate items from playing lanes to new lanes" a bug or a feature? When I run that command from TCP or actions list, both the original lane and the new lane play. I'm not sure why you would ever want this, as it results in phase issues. Seems to me only the new, duplicated lane should play. I've made customs actions that run that command then run "42638 Track properties: Show/play only one fixed item lane" twice in a row, but it's not ideal. Or maybe I am missing something!

Also, it would be great to get separate actions for "show all lanes" and "show only one lane" rather than just a toggle. In addition to comping I'm using lanes for keeping track of previous versions of sounds and MIDI and it would make the custom actions work better.

Another thing — duplicating a lane with MIDI pools the MIDI data with the previous lane, even though pool MIDI data is turned off in prefs. Again I've made custom actions, but it seems a little not right to me.

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