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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
1. Why does the comp lane number increase every time I double-click?
That's a quirk of the fact that there is no media on the track. The first time you double-click, a comping lane is created because you need at least 2 lanes for comping (one to comp from and one to comp into). When you double-click again to turn off comping, the empty bottom lane is removed because "automatically delete empty lanes at bottom" is enabled. The process repeats every time you double-click. I suppose we could special-case the "automatically delete" behavior to instead remove the empty comping lane instead of the bottom lane, if there are only two lanes and they are both empty, although this is not really typical behavior, normally you would not start comping on a track with no media.

Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
2. Why does hiding the button turn comping off?
Because there would be no indication that comping is enabled and no way to turn it off.
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