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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
v7.15+dev0422 - April 22 2024
  • + Render: add option to preserve source start offset when rendering media items
  • + Render: if option enabled to preserve metadata, preserve existing BWF metadata and ignore BWF-related .wav configuration settings [p=2777573]
Schwa, you made us post-production guys really happy! I would already use it the way it is. Thanks so much for adjusting the render settings accordingly. Just a minor detail, in case it is an easy fix:

Let's say my original recording started at HHMMSSFF 09:01:00:00.
If I chop off the first 10 seconds of the audio, when exporting, the source timecode should really be pushed to 09:01:10:00 but instead stays at the original value of 09:01:00:00.

I mean, I guess it is not easy to implement the new starting timecode, because it is not just a copy of the original metadata value, but still I thought I'd push my luck and mention it.
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