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Reaper 7.17

Hi there!
I have an issue with new Overlapping Record Behavior

In usuall scenario i need it to be

Do Not Add Lanes
Trim Exicting Items

That means if I rec some demo voc or gtr, and have small overlap - i dont need new takes or lanes created.

But now in 7.17 if i Enable Fixed Lanes - For me it's like to say. Ok - NOW we are recording every take in separate lane. Thats why i enable this.

But with "Do Not Add Lanes" - it records in same line.
No new lines for new takes

So i had manually to select - new recording add lanes (new lanes play exclusively)

1) This option doesent present in Fixed Lanes Default Menu
Could we have more (almost all Fixed Lanes options) in default menu to setup?
Doing it manually for every new track with Fixed Lines is huge waste of time

2) Even more - IN FIXED LANES mode with GLOBAL OPTIONS
"new recording add lanes" is OFF
"Do Not Add Lanes" is ON

New items records in same lane.


Comping Lane presence affects recording in same or different Lanes
(Even with create comp areas for new recording is OFF)

Expectation: Comping lane presence Doesent affect recording behaviour
a) activate Comping lane - new items records in NEW Lanes

b) If i deactivate Comping - it still records in new lane

c) After i delete Comping lane - its gone crasy

d) First item records in free lane. All next - records in same lane overlapping

My conclusion
I think not every overlapping needs creating new Lane by default
But Fixed Lanes mod - is kinda more about recording every new take in new Lane.
Like it start working as soon as comping line adds.

In overall - i suppose extended Fixed Lanes Defaults Menu - is the best way for every user to set up all Defaults for new tracks. Now it's really limited and Manually selecting all options for EVERY new created fixed lane track - is

Thanks a lot for constant improvement of Fixed Lanes, its brilliant!
Hope my Text and GIFs gives picture of this issue.

Gif 2 - after Comping is off i see some strange behavior too.
So i add Gif 3

First item is recorded in selected Lane
All next - in last lane overlapping. Seems a bit strange too.

It's NOT Recording same Lane overlapping
It's NOT Recording every new item in free or new lane

It's smth strange betwin.
And only selecting RECORD in this Lane - records all new items at same Lane overlapping

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