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1) POD Farm 1.03 AU shows blank white plugin area when starting up. You have to toggle the UI to get it to show.

2) POD Farm 1.03 AU corrupts the screen display outside of Reaper's client area, looks like from screen offset 0,0 to (PF.width,PF,height). Blank white again.

3) POD Farm 1.03 VST shows blank white plugin area when starting, eventually repaints when events trigger it (mouse move, etc).

4) POD Farm 1.03 VST buttons and menus do not function. Switching to presets, selecting an effect from dropdown, enabling dual FX chains are all impossible. Knobs work, dragging amps and effects also work.

POD Farm works as intended in Live and GarageBand. Even Audacity.

Thank you!
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