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Originally Posted by Tallisman View Post
there is an x64 build that works fine posted on this forum... this should be the attachment:

here is the thread:

Tried it... no go.
Using Reaper x64 on Win 7 x64, the batch converter generates a 6kB mp3 file from a 70MB wav. And I used the dll that came from the link above. For sure...

EDIT 1: Using 32-bit lame_enc.dll and Reaper x86 it works as expected.

EDIT 2: Using 32-bit lame_enc.dll and Reaper x86 works, sort of... I get identical sizes of the mp3, irrespective of the quality settings! Surely an mp3 coded at 320 kbps should be larger than one encoded at 128 kbps. Well, here they are all the same size! Something is amiss...
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