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Default BCF2000 help guide thing.. very rough

First things first

you have to get the latest behringer usb drivers for it to work well over usb (never tried it over midi). They are multiclient and that's what's needed to talk with the bcfview and reaper at the same time. That is probably why non of it's

This link gives you a guide to the bcf in mcu cubase mode

There's an overview for the controls but only when it's set up for sonar mcu so I will try and get round to making a picture but here's an idea.

---top group of 4 buttons..

-top left one is a shift key and does solo and record arm and some automation modes using the group of 4 below it) and in combination with the top right it does flip mode.
-the bottom left is also a shift key that allows you to also use the group of four below it to change automation modes (and some stuff on the transport controls too but not sure yet) EDIT: it also gives you 8 function keys (cc's in action list) that are the 8 select buttons (you have 8 more with the real shift key but hard to get to)
-the top right is sends mode, press again for recieves mode (makes headphone sends a dream to work with.
-the bottom right seems to be a toggle switch too but only in fx and action mode.

--middle group of four.

-bottom left is normal pan and channel mode (use control to select multiple tracks unless you have the original select method on)

-top left is action mode, this is stunning, if you have relative mode on for that encoder you get a midi cc sent on push, release and turn BUT just as cool is if you take relative mode off you now get a cc sent on a clockwise turn and a different one on anti clockwise and they repeat with each click so this allows you to do cool things like stretch and item or shorten it by turning a knob or timestretch or pitch or any commands that have a positive and negative adjust. It's very powerful!

top right is also fx mode, note, the rotary encoders can be used for things like frequency but the have to be learnt (you have to go through all the steps) but this also allows them to be used for things like eq type and they even get the right names once you get used to it, it is fast and powerful and far superior even to automap (which I have two devices)

-bottom right seems to be a toggle modifier again still learning it.

--two buttons on their own.

-bank left and right but if you hold one of the shifts they move through single channels instead of banks of 8.

--bottom four buttons

-the usual, stop, play, fast forward and reverse, the shifts do things like activate record and cycle.

I'm going to be asking Klinke for some more bits (haven't found a way to enable monitoring just record) as I've already donated to him and will do again if he gets the other bits in maybe anyone else interested can add your requests and get others too and if we all donate even just a little (although I want to give more as I can sell one of my novation devices) I'm sure he'll be up for it.

Maybe... I know he's a busy man though!

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