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Originally Posted by mrmoustache View Post
Then it's another problem.. finishing the song..
#8) Giving away the farm here.

Don't pressure yourself to finish the song if it's not ready to be finished. But NEVER throw it away!

I have nearly every musical idea I've had in the last 2 years (since I started using Mobius) exported as a loop and sorted into folders by key.

Using the 'stretch to fit' and 'start on bar' features of the media explorer, I can easily preview and combine nearly endless combinations of parts from previous songs and little orphan ideas. And because the loops are all in the same key (or its relative minor), they work.

It can be a great way to get started (if you're not quite feeling creative), and an even better way to move forward once you get temporarily stuck. You'd be surprised how often that orphan riff you were going to toss away becomes the missing piece to a new song.

Lately much of my best work has come from this approach because it facilitates so many random 'accidents'.

"Wow! If I reverse that piano riff in G Major from 12 months ago, it works great with that guitar riff in E Minor from 6 months ago at double speed..."

Even when I'm fully inspired writing a 'new' song, I'll still browse to my 'idea library' and more often than not find something that unexpectedly works.

Stick your 'idea library' on a laptop and you can create music anywhere! No MIDI controller or audio interface needed.

Another advantage is that it frees me from worrying about "writing songs" and "finishing things" to just be in the moment. Experimenting and adding to your 'riff bank' is a fun and easy to reach goal, and getting into the habit of hitting 'small goals' is a MUCH better habit than missing 'large goals' ("I need to write a hit song every time I load my DAW!")

And YES, I think relying on canned musical loops and sample libraries is 'cheating', but when they are YOUR OWN loops and ideas, its a whole new ball game.

P.S. Vote for global quantization (in my signature). It would keep all of your recordings in musically relevant ratios (2, 4, 8, 16 bars) and allows the whole system described above to work.

'Stretch to fit' only works if your recording is a loop. Unfortunately at the moment Reaper provides no easy way to ensure this is the case. 0% of my 'idea library' was recorded directly with Reaper. Using Mobius (freeware) makes this automatic however, which for me makes it a far superior Rapid Environment for [strike]Audio Production, Engineering, and[/strike] Recording
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