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Oops.. I fogot that:
Originally Posted by lawrs View Post
By the way, the "S&M : Close all floating FX windows" doesn't work anymore with the latest version of Reaper.

"SWS/S&M : Close all floating FX windows" is the new one.

Maybe you might want to have the old "S&M : Close all floating FX windows" removed if it's broken. Cheers!
larws, please, do me a favor:
in your <REAPER_install_dir>\Plugins\ you have this file: "reaper_SnMExtension.dll". Stop REAPER and delete that file *right now* THANKS
This extension is not supported anymore, it's outdated, something changed in REAPER in the meantime + nothing interesting: these actions are now present in the SWS Extensions with better solutions (for ex, the one you use is based on a *cough*. The SWS/S&M ones use a proper API Cockos added in the meantime..)

About your build lane issue:
For the moment, just avoid to "build lanes" on imploded takes.
Imploding takes creates a mess with record ids: duplicated ids in a same item + unexpected matching ids. There're little things I don't like about rec ids and it's one of them, but I don't think they are "bugs" tho (ouaips, j'ai déjà tenté de titiller schwa ). We'd need a "recordidealizer" action.. in the meantime I'll add this as a limitation.

Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
It's a shame because I shouldn't be far.. perharps it even works!

Ha ha!


YEAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh !!!!
(ok, I don't like that "blueish" mix.. but it shows up!)

Thanks to Tim for those pics.
And thank you Tim for the tweaks and OSX project updates.
Apparently I'm an "OSX coder", LOL! Well, a blind one.. and Tim brought the light.
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