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Friction Meets the Truth - PlebianX MP3 mixdown

Registered just to take part in this, found the thread via the Yep's super-epic WDYRSLA-thread

Just a mixdown, there's commercial magic in my project.

I felt this song was pretty good, but hurt by a monotone arrangement. To break it up I waited till the first instrumental break to bring in the organ, and It's levels dip away in all the verses, towards the end there's some panning around for motion. To break up the constant strumming (which is even more appearant when you have the organ-pad) I laid down some chord strums. The sound on my takamine cheap-o isn't the best, but I feel it helps something happen in the breaks.
I also did something which I would normally hope to not have to do in mix, but I built a backup-vocal by pitching the lead up an octave and cutting out some phrases. Normally I'd grab the first best person who can carry a tune and track it.
Drums are my achilles heal, so I'll readily admit I haven't touched them at all except some quick EQ and gating. You don't have to tell me they're bad, but some tips to make them better are always appreciated

Friction Meets the Truth - PlebianX MP3 mixdown - Dark-organ-mix
I was home sick on a rainy day today, so I decided to try and throw together a mix that goes in another direction. Focus is on the organ in this one, animated low-pass filter to vary the mellowness, I also replaced the kick and snare with rounder thumpier versions.

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