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Default >> v4: Prerelease/Beta overview

REAPER 4.0 is now in the alpha/beta stage. Anyone who is interested can download the latest prerelease version of REAPER 4.0 from here: Please respect the rules listed at the top of the download page.

Added for emphasis: Prerelease software should be expected to have bugs. The purpose of a public alpha/beta/RC process is to help identify bugs in a real-world context. The software is not an advance copy of REAPER 4! Prerelease builds will contain experiments, tests, and lots of new code. If you come across a bug, please report it along with a recipe to reproduce.

On Windows, the prerelease installer includes a checkbox for “portable install.” If you check the box, and install the prerelease version into its own directory, then all user preferences and settings will be kept separate from your existing REAPER 3.x settings. On Mac, you can create a portable install by dragging from the installer DMG to its own folder, and creating a new, empty file in that folder named “reaper.ini”.

Features will be added and changed often throughout the prerelease stage, and prerelease builds may have buggy or unexpected behavior. The purpose of the prerelease stage is to get as much user feedback as possible, in order to guide the development of new features, and identify bugs. The prerelease stage is the middle of the development process, not the end of it.

To try to organize user feedback, we have started a number of topics in this forum for some of the specific new features, with topic titles like “v4: Take lane alignment.” If you have any feedback, bug reports, or suggestions about specific 4.0 features, please use the relevant topic, or the “v4: Everything else” topic.

v4 topics:
Flexible interface engine (WALTER)
Take lane alignment
Comping takes
Project Media/FX Bay
Media Explorer time selection
Media Item Properties dialog
Mouse Modifiers
Area selection and editing changes
Multichannel improvements
Track stereo width, improved panning modes
Input FX chains

Everything else includes the full whatsnew changelog.

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