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Default One Dither to Rule Them All

Here is an uber dither that contains the best bits of everyone's work (LOSER, Billoon, Griz Lee, me, everyone else who contributed to this thread, and Justin for the killer RNG implementation). This was fun to collaborate on, I hope this turns into a trend.

The interface is

- output bit depth <1,32>
- psychoacoustic noise shaping {on,off}
- dither {off, on (TPDF),on (high pass TPDF)}
- dither bit width <1,2>

The ini file has Griz's suggested presets for 16 bit final master (which are also the defaults) and 24 bit final master.

Save the dither_psycho file in Program Files/REAPER/Effects/Utility.

Save the ini file in Documents and Settings/[username]/Application Data/REAPER, and you might also need to choose "import preset library" from the "..." button on the dither window.

update ... psycho now supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz. All dither features except psychoacoustic shaping work at any sample rate, but psycho is only calibrated for those SRs.

update ... reduced CPU a little bit. You should only need one instance of this plug, and only when rendering, but this is still a CPU intensive effect.
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