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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
But I dare I'll still have to use my poor's man workaround..
Ok, given some discussions in the forums I've published my "private" FX preset actions (will be available in the next SWS beta).
A few remarks about that though:
- as discussed above, there's no proper API for that so what I did is somehow a hack (yeah.. I reeeaally needed that ), it's just like if you were opening an FX window & changing the preset manually => not elegant but working & safe
- FX preset actions are only supported in v4 (I have this working for v3 too, contact me if really interested)
- I've published them for OSX too but I'm not confident they'll work on Mac, please let me know..
^^ EDITED (November 2013): forget that! These FX preset actions are safe now, incl. on OS X (proper APIs now...).
I've also published the "User preset" column in the S&M Live Config window..

the coming preset actions are:
Added FX preset actions (v4 only):
+SWS/S&M: Trigger next preset for selected FX of selected tracks
+SWS/S&M: Trigger previous preset for selected FX of selected tracks
+SWS/S&M: Trigger next preset for FX n of selected tracks - where 'n' is in [1; 4]
+SWS/S&M: Trigger previous preset for FX n of selected tracks - where 'n' is in [1; 4]
Remark: works with any type of FX, any presets (user or factory presets)

Added FX preset MIDI actions (in the section "S&M Extension", see top right dropdown in the action dialog box):
+SWS/S&M: Trigger preset for selected FX of selected tracks (MIDI CC absolute only)
+SWS/S&M: Trigger preset for FX n of selected tracks (MIDI CC absolute only) - where 'n' is in [1; 4]
Remarks: these actions work with any presets (user or factory presets). They are a bit different from the native "Link to PG change" feature: they work with any type of FX (e.g. JS). Bonus: since v4, "Program Change" MIDI events can be learned.
.. and, since we're on the border line, I also published something else I reeeaally needed:

Offscreen item selection/deselection

It's something to prevent user errors. You know, when you edit items but *not all* selected items are visible in the arrange...
...AAaarrrrggg! I don't know how many sessions we've messed up because of that!
So I've added:
+SWS/S&M: Toolbar - Toggle offscreen item selection
+SWS/S&M: Toolbar - Toggle offscreen item selection (left)
+SWS/S&M: Toolbar - Toggle offscreen item selection (right)
+SWS/S&M: Toolbar - Toggle offscreen item selection (top)
+SWS/S&M: Toolbar - Toggle offscreen item selection (bottom)
^^ EDITED (November 2013): renamed actions + OS X support. A new action "SWS/S&M: Unselect offscreen items" can be handy too.

These actions allow you selecting/unselecting offscreen items.
When these actions are added in a toolbar, related buttons automatically light-up when at least one selected item is offscreen (the option "Main menu > Extensions > SWS options > Auto-refresh toolbars" must be enabled).


Other "auto refresh" stuff is coming soon..

Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
I'm probably misunderstanding these actions but how do "Float next fx..." and "Float previous fx..." work? I thought I could use them to go through all FXs in a track, one by one.

[EDIT] They seem to float only the last and first FXs in the track... weird. I don't get it.

[EDIT2] Ahhh but I can create a macro like
Sorry for the late reply.. Yes, these actions (like many S&M "focus window" actions) are for "Alt-tabish" switch between windows..

But no prob here MN, they work fine.. There's a pitfall you probably got in the meantime (your EDIT2): you can't make them work from the action list by clicking on "Run", you *MUST* assign them to key shortcuts (detail: they deduce the next/prev window to be shown from the current focused window, but when you perform the action from the action dialog box, this one grabs the focus when clicking "run". not sure that's clear.. oh! well..). edit: I workarounded that in the next build but this constrainst remain there for all "focus" actions.

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