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The cigar action I can't explain what it does, but I'm the one responsible for it's existance.

A nice anecdote that is. But a bit embarrassing for me as well . I had trouble with a custom action which afforded "SWS Save (recall) edit cursor position" from within the MIDI editor section of the action list. (It was something to automatically enter chords into the Piano Roll) Reaper refused to move on with a custom action that had one of these inside. I posted for help and my post ended with something about like "I tried this and that, but no cigar."

Jeffos jumped in to the rescue, promised the thread will end with a cigar and then came up with the "Let Reaper breathe" action. Whatever it does, it must be some slightly different magic than the "wait..." actions, because those didn't help, but the cigar action did the trick.
And we sure had a nice cigar:

The embarrassing part is that I very soon discovered a way to do what I seeked without the "Save (recall) edit cursor position" part, and the solution was easy and plain to see all the time. Doh! I don't even think I told Jeffos that, and I didn't find a reason yet to use "Let Reaper breathe" in any macro.

Yeah, that progress bar is very authoritative, isn't it?. I guess we can use it to give our macros that sense of "seriously hard work is done here".

(Really, I'm genuinely sorry, Jeffos ).

The thread ends with a sad touch, because we found on the way how big the obstacles for extension developers are when it comes to write extensions for the MIDI section of the action list. Still no change about that aspect, I'm sad to say .
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