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Default Mackie Control Klinke v0.8

I have released in the meantime a newer version (v0.8.3) and opened a new thread:

Since half an year i talk about a new version of my MCU extension that i will release soon. Here it is:

I think it got some nice features, but in relation to my last version (v0.6.4) it has one big disadvantage: It does not support the Mackie extender or more than one hardware unit :-(

The most important changes in v0.8 are:
• Reaper folders can now be reflected on the MCU using the Folder-Mode
• Anchors allows locking a Channel Strip to a fixed track
• FX presets (store and recall FX settings) including a Blind Test feature
• FX Local maps (different maps for each FX instances of the same FX)
• improved syncing of the MCU state with the Reaper GUI
• Global Actions assignments can be named and shown in MCU display
• Quick Jumps added for faster navigation
• improved Track Name handling
• FX favorites can be stored in Reaper project file

And i also wrote a real manual with screenshots and other fancy stuff. You can take a look into it here:

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