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Here is a mockup of MIDI editor control panel (MECP) proposed in this thread.


Double-clicking the black vertical border between PRV and MECP will hide the MECP. That function is similar to the TCP hiding in arrange view.

If "Auto hide panel" is enable then the MECP will hide automatically when user moves pointer outside the MECP. This option also means that MECP opens automatically when user moves pointer to the right edge of ME window where the black vertical bar is located when MECP is hidden. Auto open works best when ME window is maximized because then you can throw mouse pointer quickly to the edge of the screen. In other words you don't have to target your pointer accurately to the vertical bar.

Control buttons (color/M/V/S/R) will affect all tracks/items that are selected. Track visibility control button (V) will affect all media items inside the track. Mute (M) and color are controlled independently for track and items.

I'm adding here some details about selecting tracks/items and how active item is changed.

Left-click on item name selects the item (dark gray text background) and makes it active (red border).
Left-click on track name selects the track and all items inside the track. At the same time active item is changed to the item on this track which is nearest to the current timeline range shown in PRV. This prevents unnecessary timeline scrolling when switching tracks.

When working with collapsed tracks, selecting a track will not expand the track. This will keep the MECP uncluttered and allows a "track based workflow" where individual items are not shown at all in MECP.

More tracks and items can be added to selection with ctrl+left-click and shift+left-click. It should work in the same way as track selection in TCP.


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