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Originally Posted by easymode View Post
well, i dunno, the thing which would allow me to load next project with a simple keypress on a midi controller
EDIT November 2013:
Thanks to some improvements made in the meantime, this "Project Loader/Selecter" tool has been deprecated in SWS/S&M v2.4.0 #2, the same features are available with an easier setup, see the v2.4.0 #2 changelog (main menu > extensions > about sws/s&m > button "what's new")

Yes, that's it. So here is the "doc" for the Project Loader/Selecter, easymode (hey, I know you PM'd for support a long time ago but I first wanted this feature to be more intuitive.. because as you said: "arghhhhh je ne comprends rien" - I tend not to forget my kind donnaters, thanks BTW )

So with the *last* SWS version (v2.1.0 #16), it's dead simple:
1) In the Resources view, you first have to define some project slots
2) Then, as shown in the LICEcap, you select the slots/projects you want (with Context menu > Set project loader/selecter from selection)

3) Then you can switch between those projects thanks to the actions:
SWS/S&M: Project loader/selecter: next (cycle)
SWS/S&M: Project loader/selecter: previous (cycle)
(in this example, I put these 2 actions in a toolbar but you can of course bind them to key shortcuts or learn them with a MIDI hardware controler)

4) If the projects are already opened, these 2 same actions will select tabs instead, example:

Originally Posted by Mercado_Negro View Post
hey Jeff, I found out some performance issues with the cycle editor/actions
=> SWS Tracker, MN! (What do contain these cycle actions?)
Tim's ghost already talked to me about your issue but that's very hard to investigate without any details. Plus, I have such "cycle toolbars" here too: no prob (there's a subbtle thing in the code but no RAM eater for sure!). From where I am, I'd say one possibilty would be undo points. Cycle actions go back to their previous states on undo but this might be overkill => I'll add an option to ignore undos, let me know if that solves the issue.
-Or- if you want to test a build before this undo FR was implemented: it was the FR 361
Originally Posted by XITE-1/4LIVE View Post
I have someone working on a workaround for that very issue as we speak.
It seems having a Toolbar Icon for a Project Tab, then assigning a MIDI CC
Hey! You should tell your friend to copy/paste the code of the action "SWS/S&M: Select project (MIDI CC absolute only)", it's open source
(this action belongs to the "S&M extension" section, top right dropdown box in the action list).

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