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Originally Posted by JDilla2380 View Post

The MIDI edit window is way too small. Just make it bigger. Show a larger range of the keyboard. That's really all that's wrong with it. Just look at a basic cubase le editor. Copy it.
That's really all anyone needs in a key editor.
Just resize the editor, you can make it as big as the screen. Maybe you have it docked?
Also, what's with the midi on all channels. I try and load Kontakt 2 on different channels with different samples on each channel. Can't get more than one(usually the first one) to play at once. Or else it plays on every darn channel.
Pain in the ass, I gotta say.
You just need to learn Reaper's routing scheme properly. Here's a tutorial on setting up vsti's multi-channel.:
And the fact you can't hear anything played on a midi track in the tracks precount during record is another pain. I just want to be able to hear what I'm playing before the recording actually starts.
It helps me get a feel for what I'm playing before hand.
Edit: do you have monitoring on? You should always be able to hear what you are playing, I can when I record V Drums through EZ Drummer.

There's 2 ways to get as much pre-roll as you like:

Options-record mode:loop selection auto punch

Options-record mode:auto punch selected items

(you can insert an empty item for the second method, or just define a looped area for the first).

Check out the user manual or the wiki for lots of tips and info. Hope this helps. I added some track templates I found somewhere...just right-click-insert track template.

(Put them in Documents and Settings/User/Application Data/Reaper/Track Templates)
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