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The truth is, it is mentioned as a top notch DAW by people in the know. People who make a living with DAW software know all about Reaper, most likely because of how easy it is to route audio and its stability. Unfortunately. most people use PT because most people use PT, just like most people use MS Office because most people use MS Office. It doesn't make PT or MS Office better than all else, it just makes them the standards.

Samplitude is a top notch DAW that never gets any attention. Reaper is probably already better known and used than Samplitude is.

Lastly, I think Reaper is marketed perfectly. Reaper is more better off with a smaller core group of serious DAW users than it is by becoming an industry standard. Being an industry standard means it will have to become bloatware like the others and lose its advantages. ProTools, Cubase and the other big name DAWs were not ruined by the small group of professionals that used them in the studio, but rather by the millions of users who wanted them to have everything imaginable inside. I say Reaper should be the "independent" DAW and stay away from trying to be the "be all, end all" DAW.
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