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[FR] I think it would make more sense to set the control surface update frequency per device rather than globally. Especially when simultaneously using hardware via both wired and wireless connections, and/or with apps on the same computer for control surfaces, it may make a lot of sense to differentiate their communication bandwidths, e.g. lowest frequency for remote controller hardware via wireless, faster for wired networking, and fastest for inter-app communication.

Perhaps it would also make sense to link the update rate to a fraction of the project audio (sample) rate and/or audio buffer size (as configured in "Request block size" in Preferences > Audio > Device), e.g. for situations where OSC is linked to automation envelopes. What determines the (maximum) frequency of REAPERs automation envelopes anyway? Updates are calculated once per audio buffer? Could the current OSC implementation handle e.g. OSC messaging at audio rates? (I did try entering 44100 Hz but I didn't see an audio rate flood come out...)

[EDIT:] For lower update frequencies, it may also be interesting to link update frequency to BPM and musical timebase, to achieve 'quantized' updates every 32th note, or every x MIDI ticks, perhaps coupled with an offset in samples/miliseconds to account for potential latency down the line.
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