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Default A few more bugs and FRs

FX_NAME /track/@/fx/@/name
FX_PARAM_NAME /track/@/fx/@/fxparam/@/name
is apparently not working for tracks other than the master track [EDIT: - for the master track, it only works for the effect in the 1st slot]. (Getting the track names does work fine, as in the line below)
TRACK_NAME /track/@/name
[bug] Conversely, for all
stuff in the default OSC config, nothing is output for track 0 (the master track). It is only output without a track number. E.g. for the line
TRACK_NAME /track/name /track/@/name
REAPER outputs only
/track/name MASTER
[bug] The line
FOCUSED_FX_PARAM_VALUE /focfx/fxparam/@/value
also does not seem to work. See also here (and my reply below).

[bug?/FR] If you change the order of effects in a track (e.g. swap fx slot 1 and 2), no updates are being sent via OSC for fx name, fx parameter names, fx parameter values (etc.?); one would expect something similar to happen as when changing the order of tracks.

[bug?] With the default OSC config,
ANY_SOLO /anysolo
is output after every (numbered) track. This seems duplicative.

[FR] Can we (optionally) disable logging all OSC traffic in the system log (OS X)? (I'm afraid my logs will grow to enormous sizes in no time otherwise ).

[FR] Is there a way to 'ping' REAPER to send specific OSC messages? Something like "please send all the values you have for /track/1"; the action: "Control --> surface: refresh all surfaces" seems overkill if you just want to get some specific data.

[bug?] Speaking of actions, I can't get
ACTION /action/@
to work... I'm neither seeing any /action output from REAPER, nor response when sending messages like
to trigger a control surface refresh (I have "Allow binding messages to REAPER actions" checked in the Control Surface Settings window, although as far as I understand, this is not required for OSC messages to trigger actions directly). Since Anton9 apparently had more success, this could be OS X specific - or me doing something wrong, of course.
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