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How to get a translated version of the extension?
  • Wait for some valiant people to translate things (the better/faster being to contribute )
  • 3 years later, drag'n'drop the resulting language pack file in REAPER (or select it in REAPER's main menu > prefrences > general)
  • Restart REAPER

How to customize/translate the extension?
At the moment, we can not define one langpack for REAPER and another one for SWS, so both langpack files must be translated and then merged as follow:
  • First have a look here:, chapter "Develop Language Packs"
  • Download the SWS Template LangPack file: here (latest version)
  • Translate this file and keep a copy of it!
    We we call this file the reference: this is the file translators work on, this is not the one you distribute
  • Merge the translated SWS LangPack with the translated REAPER LangPack:
    - Say the translated REAPER langpack file is "REAPER_French.txt" and the translated SWS LangPack file is "SWS_French.txt" (the reference)
    - Download Cockos' "merge_langpacks" tool (available here - hopes it's ok to link from here @moderators: feel free to edit if not!) and from a command line - on Windows here:
    merge_langpacks.exe REAPER_French.txt SWS_French.txt > FULL_French.ReaperLangPack
  • Done: that new file "FULL_French.ReaperLangPack" is the file you can distribute,
    it is installed as described above (drag-drop in REAPER or via Preferences > General)
  • Important: keep separated copies of the translated SWS LangPack and the translated REAPER LangPack.
    Reasons: this will ease future REAPER and/or SWS langpack upgrades, also separated langpack files for REAPER and SWS is likely to happen in the future...
  • The SWS LangPack should be translated just like the REAPER one:
    As you translate a string, remove the ; from the beginning of the line.
    If the line begins with ;^ then it is an optional string, and you should only modify that line if the definition in [common] is not accurate for that context.
  • Do not change action tags (like SWS:, SWS/S&M:, etc..): such translations would be ignored!
    This is to ease debug on our end...
  • The SWS Template LangPack has no #NAME, this is normal. An applicable version number is wrote at the top of the file.
  • Only S&M windows are dynamically sized according to string lengths.

How to upgrade the SWS LangPack file?
From time to time, the SWS template LangPack will be updated (latest version here).
  • Let's say that new template is "SWS_Template.txt"
  • Merge your current translated SWS langpack (the SWS reference file, not the "full" REAPER+SWS langpack you distribute):
    merge_langpacks.exe SWS_Template.txt SWS_French.txt > NEW_SWS_French.txt
  • Translate new strings in this file "NEW_SWS_French.txt" and keep a copy of it, this is the new reference file
  • Merge that file with the current (translated) REAPER one:
    merge_langpacks.exe REAPER_French.txt NEW_SWS_French.txt > FULL_French.ReaperLangPack
  • Done: that new file "FULL_French.ReaperLangPack" is the file you can distribute,
    it is installed as described above (drag-drop in REAPER or via Preferences > General)

Many thanks to Justin who made this possible!


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