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Great, thanks semiquaver!

@pipelineaudio: what I described above will be avail in the next release (so it will be v2.2.0 #14, it should come very soon..)

Originally Posted by hopi View Post
Now, thinking ahead, IF in the future it's going to also bring the envelopes over, that could be both a good thing and a not good thing...
You already got both options hopi: apply a track template including its items/envs OR apply a track template but preserve current items/envs (preserves track envs only, fx envs get removed as the fx chain replaced with the template one).

Ignore the arrows in that screenshot (it comes from another thread) but look at the bottom dropdown box: that's the diff between "Apply track template to sel tracks" and "Apply track template to sel tracks (+items/envs)":

You also have SWS/S&M "slot actions" with similar names. To save envs and/or items in templates or not, right-click the save button for options..
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