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Originally Posted by MK Bassman View Post
I have been looking at this thread for awhile and have decided to move over to Reaper. Here is how I've set this up so far:

1. Windows 7 machine running 64 bit windows
2. I downloaded Reaper 32 bit
3. VS to computer via Edirol UM-3X USB Midi interface (had to download new drivers and could only get Windows 64 bit to read 64 bit drivers). I think this is where I may have a problem. When I look in Reaper it recognizes the Edirol but I don't think it sees the 2480. Is the 64 bit driver causing a problem? I know that you can only use this plugin with the 32 bit version.
4. Also - I think I'm confused where you actually put the plugin.

Any suggestions on a different midi/usb interface? Also - any suggestions on an interface for the audio signal?

Thanks - I appreciate any help.

oops i thought i replied to this already.

Please read the first post of this thread again as to where you put the VS plugin. And if your midi interface is recognized by reaper, and reaper recongized the VS plugin, you are good to go. dont let 64 bit windows/drivers confuse you: they should work ok with a 32-bit app like Reaper.

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