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Originally Posted by MK Bassman View Post
I have the VS 2480 working as a control surface. What do I need to do to record audio using the VS (signal into 2480 thru to reaper) ie use the 2480 as an interface? What device would allow me to record mutiple tracks? If I am reading correctly vfire used to allow this in XP but not in Win 7. Thanks for your help

You can use the digital out of the VS to get two tracks simultaneously to the pc (if your pc audio interface has a digital in off course). The vfire does indeed only work in XP and only works with certain firewire hardware. There are m-audio RPC IDE cards flying around on ebay that give you 8 rbus interfaces directly into the PC and apparently there are windows 7 drivers available but i have no direct experience with them.

What i ended up doing is :

I use the vs as a front end and as a monitor controller and headphone amp and use the digital out if i want to record up to two tracks at once. If i need to record more than two tracks its usuall a band laying down an entire performance life. I record directly onto the VS not involving reaper then. Then i send the tracks into reaper with the vfire while the band is taking a break, using an xp boot on my pc. Then i boot into windows 7 , and do overdubs using the digital out.

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