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I know this is only obliquely related, but:

Is there some forum online where people hangout discussing low level aspects of ASIO drivers? In other words, it has always seemed like voodoo, the bridge from "how the ASIO driver communicates with the USB port > hand off to DAW"?

Centrance writes just about everyone's drivers, right? How does that work?

Is there some list of who uses Centrance and who doesn't? The idea that Zoom could have chosen to do something "different" with the math to get to 32 is curious, and begs the question "could it be more favorable if the ASIO driver is asked to pass a different int?" or some such (excuse my dilettante programming knowledge).

There have been the diffuse rumors in the nooks and crannies of the internet about "X interface really should be ran at x HZ sample rate because the chip is designed for that", and then one wonders if what is delivered off the USB port can stymy a particular interface's intended digital output, etc. etc...

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