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You don't necessarily need OMF/AAF to get the audio out of a Video editing program.

My dislike of OMFs lead me to build an XML based workflow for REAPER that supports FCPX, FCP7 & Premiere. It has been heavily tested on TV series and features for a while now. Lightworks and media composer support is in the pipeline soon.

It can even reconform the REAPER project to a new Visual edit so no need for picture lock.

It does more than just translate a project directly too. It organises the project nicely (so takes account of roles in FCPX etc) & adds anything useful for the sound editor using metadata from the video project. It colour codes items to make it easy to spot repetition and audio that has similar issues to solve. OMF handles drove me crazy so my tool extracts whole streams with no handles. So you can easily go looking for that bit of silence anywhere in the file.

I keep adding new features (and take requests) so I just added this to show scene and take as item notes because that was useful to me.

I am also working on some REAPER extensions that will make clever use of the metadata from the video project, from shot notes or BWF metadata etc.

It is currently mac only but a windows version can be made if there is enough demand.

Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.

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