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Originally Posted by RobinGShore View Post
I would love to see your software released for windows. Anything I can do to help make that happen?
Vordio needs to run on the video editing machine (media must be online for Vordio to be able to transcode and copy relevant media into a format compatible with REAPER). i.e. Video programs support more file formats than REAPER so some media needs transcoding to be useable. One example is CAF audio files which are often seen in FCPX project but REAPER doesn't support them. Vordio converts those to WAVs.

For a windows version I need windows test cases i.e. films edited in Premiere on windows. It is only really worth it for Premiere at the moment as FCPX doesn't run on windows and Media Composer doesn't export XML.

I have tested Premiere support on Mac as I had access to large films edited on Mac in Premiere with access to the media. (I can test some things with media offline i.e. XML only but not every thing).

If I add EDL support I could also support Media Composer (I have been experimenting with EDL but again need good testcases and it is nowhere near complete yet). MC is both Win and Mac so would be worth it.

So the bottom line is if plenty of sound editors deal with Windows Premiere editors at the moment then it would be worth doing a windows version very soon.
Convert NLE XMLs to RPP.

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